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6731 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown, MO 64133

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Are you having problems with your appliances operating properly?


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: Why is my washer bouncing around during the cycle? 

A: Make sure the washer is on a level surface when being installed. 


Q: Why is my tub knocking against the side during the load?

A: When loading the washer make sure to distribute the items evenly to prevent unbalanced load. 


Q: Why did my washer turn on, fill up, and shut off?

A: Make sure to check the power source, try flipping the breaker.


Q: Why did my washer fill up and wash but won’t go through the rinse cycle.

A: Make sure your lid switch is engaged. (You should be able to hear the sound as you open and shut your washer lid.)


Q: My washer came on but water will not come in?

A: Make sure that the water valve to the hoses is on and water pressure turned up. 

Q: Why is my dryer running but it’s not heating?

A: Make sure your power source is pulling correct voltage.


Q: Why do I have to run my load more than once to dry my load. 

A: Make sure to check your load size vs your cycle. Certain cycles only meant to dry x number of pounds. Make sure your lint screen has been emptied. And most importantly check your dryer vent to make sure it’s cleared of excess lint or debris. 


Q: Why does my dryer light come on but it won’t start. 

A: Make sure your door latch is engaged. 


Q: Why is my dryer putting holes in my clothing?

A: Make sure the lint screen is properly secured and that the felt around the drum is secured.

Q: Why does my dishwasher not come on after I installed it?

A: Make sure the power source or hardwire is hooked up correctly. 


Q: Why are my dishes coming out with water spots or not all the way dry? 

A: Make sure you add rinse aid to the dishwasher to help with drying process and water spots. 


Q: Why isn’t my dishwasher draining the water out?

A: Make sure there isn’t any debris blocking the filter. Check to make sure drain hose didn’t get pinched during installation. And if a garbage disposal has been newly installed make sure the knockout plug has been removed. 

Q: Why will only half my stove work? The top burners work but oven doesn’t/or oven works but top burners won’t?

A: Make sure you have correct voltage ran for your power source. 


Q: Why is my stove smoking or odor coming out the first time I use it?

A: Make sure all packaging material has been removed from the interior and exterior of the product. Stoves will have bit of smoke or odor from the solution in the product insulation used to aid the factory during assembly. 


Q: Why is my stove making a “clicking” noise when using my oven?

A: Your new stove is designed to maintain a tighter control over your ovens temperature. You are hearing the ovens element “click” on and off to maintain more accurate temperature than the older stoves. 

Q: Why is my stove not lighting after I hooked it up?

A: Make sure you bleed the gas line of the air while hooking up your gas stove.


Q: Why do I smell gas when my stove is turned off?

A: Make sure when hooking up your stove to use plumbers tape or pipe dope to prevent any gas leakage from the gas line to the stove. 

Q: Why does it sound like my refrigerator is running all the time?

A: Make sure that your refrigerator is pulled out from the wall a little bit so the hot air from the compressor has room to escape. Also try blowing or vacuuming the coils on the front and back of the machine to prevent any debris build up on the coils itself. 


Q: Why does my freezer have built up ice in the back of it?

A: Make sure that your temperature controls are set in the middle. And/or there isn’t a blockage preventing the fan from circulating air from the freezer into the refrigerated part. 

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